Thursday, June 25, 2009

5 years!

Jason and I had our 5 yr. Anniversary on June 18. On Saturday, Jason surprised me by taking us to the Old Kentucky Dinner Train. We enjoyed a great meal on the train ride and when we got off of the train, he had a horse and carriage waiting for us. It was the same one we rode in after our wedding. It took us through My Old Kentucky Home and stopped at the rotunda, which is where we got married! It was a wonderful evening and I am so thankful to be married to such an amazing man!

Staying Cool

Last Friday night we went out to eat with our friends, Anthony, Natalie and Anna Mae. After dinner, we went back to their house for the girls to play. It was about 90 we were trying to stay cool!

Jenna really likes Anthony.  He is the first guy, besides Daddy, that she has run up to and hugged!  They had fun playing on the slide.

Enjoying some strawberry ice cream!

Why I sleep well at night...

My child is a MONKEY!!
Here is the proof!

Yes, she is on the table holding a lighter! 
(but only long enough to take a picture)

She climbs on everything! 
 I took the stool out of the bathroom last night while I was giving a bath, so she went and got the big bottle of lotion, put it on the floor next to the tub and stood on it!  She also will put the lid back on the totes of toys and stand on them.  If it is 2 inches off the ground.....she will climb on it!  This is so different from Avah....she didn't try to climb on anything and still won't climb on anything unless you are supposed to.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Meeting Cooper

We finally got to meet baby Cooper last weekend. He is my cousin's little boy and is 2 weeks younger than Jenna. They live in California so we haven't been able to meet him. We keep up with him on his blog, but it was nice to see him in person. 

Poor Cooper....he is not used to being tackled!

Learning to walk!

Happy boy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Parking Lot Party

Our church had a parking lot party last Friday. All the kids brought their bikes and decorated them. The had bike races and a bike parade. The girls had a lot of fun! Avah was glad to get to ride it because we don't have any flat place to ride around our house. She is really good at riding it!

Jenna is wondering if she can have some of sissy's popcorn.

She decided to go for it anyway!

Japanese Friendship Garden

These pictures are from the Japanese Friendship Garden here in Georgetown. It is a very pretty and peaceful place. We walked around one Sunday after church.  I wanted to get some good pictures of the girls....but didn't have too much luck.  Here are some of the best ones!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Avah's new toy...

I found this Barbie house at our neighborhood yard sale. It came with all of the furniture and several barbies. She LOVES it!!

1st pool trip of the summer...

At the cabin

We went to our cabin over Memorial Day weekend. The girls had a lot of fun...although, I don't think that Jenna will go back again until she is 2!!

She caught a catfish on her Dora pole!

There was a beautiful sunset!

Avah and her cousin, Clay, cruising around in the FJ!

Daddy's little sidekick!

Snuggled up with Kyle and Clay watching a movie.

Mommy caught the first fish....a bass!

"Look, I'm holding a worm!"

Jenna on the 4-wheeler with Uncle Brad.