Monday, April 27, 2009

Fancy Nancy Party

Avah's friend, Lillie, had a "Fancy Nancy" birthday party this weekend. "Fancy Nancy" is a book about a girl who likes to be fancy. We had a lot of fun!  Everyone was supposed to dress fancy to the party.  Avah was asleep when we got to the party and didn't want to change into the fancy clothes that we took for her.  She decided to add a few accessories to her outfit once we got into the party!

Making her necklace.

Butterfly pinata.

Jenna was trying to get some candy!

Looking fancy!

The Birthday Girl!!  So cute!

Eating a parfait (that's a fancy word for ice cream sundae)!

Avah and Sophie

Avah and Lillie

Thursday, April 23, 2009


We went to Chuck-E-Cheese a few weeks ago for a birthday party. It was their first time there and as you can tell, the girls had a lot of fun!

Jenna is walking!

Here are a few clips of Jenna walking. It is hard to get a good video of her doing it, but here a few attempts. She wants to walk everywhere! I can't believe that she is almost a year old. I feel like she is growing up so fast. She seems to be doing everything earlier than Avah did because she has to keep up with big sister! She is really starting to talk as well. She says mama, dada, sissy, ball, this, that, yes, and hi. She tries to mimic everything we is so cute.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Train Ride

This is a rare moment when the girls are actually not fighting over this train!  Jenna got it for Christmas and loves it....however,  Avah takes it all the time and quickly rides away from her.  Jenna loves pushing Avah on it and will push her all over the house on it when Sissy will let her!  Avah is singing "the engine on the train is going"!


Jenna loves emptying things!  Her two favorites are her drawers and the box of ziploc baggies!  As she is doing it, she always says "ohh".  

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Fun

We had an awesome Easter day! We started off by going to church. After church, Papaw and Grammy stopped by for a visit.

Jenna and Papaw

They brought the girls some 3D chalk!

Daddy and Jenna wearing the 3D glasses!

Mammy brought the girls some fun stuff!

Later that day, Mammy, Uncle Nate, Jamie, Uncle Brad, Kyle and Clay came over for dinner and and an egg hunt.  We also started a campfire for the kids to roast some marshmallows.  

Jenna found an egg in the tube!

Checking out all their goodies!

Jenna and Uncle Brad 

All Dressed Up

Here are some pictures of the girls all dressed up and ready for church. We didn't have the best luck getting good pictures of them, but they looked super cute in their matching dresses!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny came! Here are some pictures of the girls checking out their Easter baskets!

(Notice the gown over top of the pajamas....this is how she wears her new nightgown to bed since we told her it was still too cold to wear it.  She can come up with a solution to everything!)

Avah has been asking for a T-Ball set....she couldn't believe that the Easter Bunnny knew that is what she wanted!

Looking good!


Avah really enjoyed dying the eggs this year!  
She picked out a Dora kit to use.
Align Center

She also loved decorating them!  She did not want to use the small stickers that came with the kit...she used big, sparkly stickers!!
We had the fanciest eggs ever!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at Avah's school. She had a lot of fun and the weather was so nice. Of course, her favorite part was all the candy in the eggs!

Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum on Friday with our friends, the Brannen's! The girls had so much fun. The best part was that daddy took off work to go with us!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bedtime Conversation

We have been having a lot of trouble with Avah arguing and talking back to us.  She seems to be getting a little "too big for her britches " you might say!  Tonight when I told her it was time to get her pajamas on, she responded with a firm "NO, I am not going to get them on!"  I gave her a quick reminder of the timeout that she got this morning for continuing to argue with me and she gave in to putting them on.  While she was getting dressed, this was the conversation!  

"I turned my arguers off, Mom"  
"You did?"
"Yes, they are in mouth and I turned them off"
"Can you turn them on and off like your listening ears?"
"Yes, right now they are off. But, if Jenna tries to take a toy that I don't want her to play with, I will turn them back on."

Are we in trouble, or what??