Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge

After a long day at Kings Island, we decided to stay the night at the Great Wolf Lodge. It is right next to Kings Island and has a HUGE indoor water park. We had so much fun. I wish that I had gotten a picture of the water park...it is definitely some place that I recommend going if you like water. Of cource, Avah chased the characters around wanting to hug them.....after bugging them for about 5 minutes...we got a picture and told her they had to go. They also had a really cool animated storytime for kids right in the lobby. Avah loved the "talking tree."

Kings Island

We went to Kings lsland for Jason's work last Saturday. Avah went once earlier in the summer and was very excited to go back. We had to count down the days until we could "go Kings Island and ride the rides!." She loves that place....and riding all the rides that she could! She also loved all the characters and wanted to hug all of them. She is very sad about not going back for a year and at least once a day says "Kings Islands closed." Both of Jason's brothers work at Toyota and we took his mom and sister, so we were able to get somebody to take a family picture. It was a great day!!

Big Shoes

Avah loves wearing mommy and daddy's shoes. She wanted to wear daddy's new hunting boots when they came in the mail the other day. Since the boots go up past Jason's knees, Avah's feet couldn't even reach the bottom of them!! She is just balancing in them! It was too funny.