Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This is Jenna's new favorite puzzle! She can work it in just a few minutes! And, as you can tell, big sis wanted in on some of the action!!

Avah the cookie decorator....

Royal Icing

For Valentines Day, Avah and I wanted to attempt royal icing and make these heart cookies. It was my first time using royal icing (other than as glue for gingerbread houses!) and I think that it turned out pretty well. They aren't perfect, but were well liked by Avah's preschool class!! They also tasted very yummy thanks to a delicious sugar cookie recipe I found when I made our Christmas cookies!!

After the piping....not too bad considering I had 2 kids that kept shaking the table!

Ready to fill them in....

Avah wanted to make some for daddy that didn't have much icing!

Some of the finished products!